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If you haven't already heard, I've got something for you to hear

So... I've been working on a new thing I'd like you to see

Some good stories to read on a long weekend

Which cable news channel covers other cable news channels the most?

Feedback: Is COVID the breaking point of our culture?

Let Them Fight: Liberals and Conservatives are saving America's body and soul through COVID

Is there any way to reason with those that can't be reasoned with?

Loud impotent martyrs are ruining society

Did media malpractice cause Qanon?

Do I have to believe in Q to enjoy the new HBO doc?

COVID Shots Equals Body Shots shirts now on sale

Should introverts feel bad that they loved the plague year?

COVID broke America's brain

If we really care about voting rights we must install mobile online voting

Feedback: Why is Justin obsessed with this lab leak theory?

COVID lab leak is an unproven rumor we should all be actively spreading

New pictures harden bad narratives of Biden's border crisis

"Why am I so cranky over these vaccines?"

Vaccines and the border crisis emerge

There is no "back to normal" so let's stop saying it

Conservatives scared of losing their jobs speak out

We have no choice but to root for COVID restrictions going away

Was the $15 minimum wage a red herring?

Are the walls closing in on Cuomo?

A Note To Readers...

A woman you never heard of determines the fate of $15 minimum wage

Fauci: Masks a reality until 2022

Ted Cruz really went to Mexico?!!?

Rush Limbaugh, 70, dead

Biden pours cold water on Fight for $15, pessimistic on conquering COVID

Stay warm, Texas

Impeachment had to die so the Democrats could live

Is this the last week of Trump's political world?

On China, Biden is Diet Trump

Impeachment opening was emotional, useless

How long with Impeachment 2 last?

Is Biden already a lame duck?

Is Trump writing tweets for his aides?

Cheney survives, MTG getting booted out of leadership

As Newsom looks likely to face recall, a crowd of challengers gathers

Cocaine Mitch takes a stand on Marge Greene

Can the media resist the return of Trump?

Wall Street arrogance proves the internet is still undefeated

The Marjorie Taylor Greene Dilemma

Donald Trump will not be convicted, is it time to censure?

Trump team quashes Patriot Party rumors

Why can't California see the data guiding lockdowns?

Valentine's Day Impeachment Trial?

Biden takes charge, will reportedly run again in 2024

Biden becomes the 46th president of the United States

You are going to be okay

Half of America holds it's breath...

What public school teaches us about accepting election results

The president so nice, they impeached him twice

Will Mitch ditch Trump?

Hate will keep us together

Worlds Apart

Trump ends 2020 with concession...


Dems take Senate!?!

Georgia races go all out in final day before runoff

Trump Tape Rocks GA Runoff - LIVE FROM ATL