Great article, good to see this back up and put to use!

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Your view on losing psychology has some merit. However, Trump and Abrams behavior after their respective election loss is completely different. Abrams never admitted her defeat, which made her look weak like you said. Trump on the other hand, Stepped down, left the white house, and claimed he was robbed, and blamed the "ref" (election boards) for his loss. By doing this he has fired up his supporters. All just like you said he should do, to be able to fight another day. You seem inconsistent with your comparisons between Trump and Abrams.

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Nah, *real* politicians nevah tap out or flinch, they just gaslight. Did Hillary really get beat "fair and square" in 2008?" She trumped The Donald by 2.87M popular votes, but don't ya know Trump said the election was rigged then, too. Hmm, seems like the smart money always calls 'em balls since there's little to lose by submitting when no bones are getting broken.

Apparently some missed the BIG LIE parallel between the Toronto Screwjob and January 6th. Wrestling owner/producer Vince McMahon loved to say "YOU'RE FIRED" a handful of years before The Apprentice was produced - coincidence? Hmm, perhaps The Donald didn't learn the his new art form from Roger Stone and Steve Bannon after all.

Wrestling audiences and voters love guessing whatever truthiness and authenticity they choose to parse from the script anyway. This stuff goes way back to 1605 when when Don Quixote dared to trick the readers... and the LOVED it!

So let's not be too quick to deprive us pundits a change to enjoy conflict, confusion, adversity and debate, both on the Big Stage and in our puny sorted lives. We all wanna be the Smart MARK, ie, a "SMARK" whether it's wresting or politics. It would take all the fun out of the game having to differentiate if the base story is a "WORK" (fantasy) or not a "SHOOT," a brilliant discovery Vince McMahon learned from the Montreal Screwjob. And top showmen like The Donald quickly learn from the smart money and emulate the delightful art form - The World Is A Stage and Smart Politicians Are The Actors.

Happy trails, Michael

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