The Alex Jones 'trial' was a disgraceful show trial. The enemies of America will point to this case whenever we criticize their judicial system... Justice in America has really been tarnished here.

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Who? Ooohhh, you mean the "gay frogs" & "growin' [human] babies from cows" guy? Yeah, whatever happen to him? I heard he was killed in a helicopter accident in one of the 'Stans a few years back, coming from an interview with some dictator over there? No? Really? Weird...is this the "Mandela Effect" I'm always hearing about?

But seriously folks...

As I've said for years: look to the past to see our future. Nothing shows the modern self-obsessed, ego-driven, "cashin' my 15 minutes of fame!" for what it truly is like the 1957 classic, _A Face in the Crowd_

Lonesome Rhodes: Listen, I'm not through yet. You know what's gonna to happen to me?

Mel Miller: Suppose I tell you exactly what's gonna happen to you. You're gonna be back in television. Only it won't be quite the same as it was before. There'll be a reasonable cooling-off period and then somebody will say: "Why don't we try him again in an inexpensive format? People's memories aren't too long." And you know, in a way, he'll be right. Some of the people will forget, and some of them won't. Oh, you'll have a show. Maybe not the best hour or, you know, top 10. Maybe not even in the top 35. But you'll have a show. It just won't be quite the same as it was before. Then a couple of new fellas will come along. And pretty soon, a lot of your fans will be flocking around them. And then one day, somebody'll ask: "Whatever happened to, uh... whatshisname? You know, the one who was so big. The number-one fella a couple of years ago. He was famous. How can we forget a name like that? Oh by the way, have you seen, uh, Barry Mills? I think he's the greatest thing since Will Rogers."

Truly, "all power is _future_ power."

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Sheer oddity and sweaty charisma was also a description of Tiny Tim. I don’t know what to do with that.

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Fantastic read! To answer your

rhetorical question, just tune the fool out. I was surprised to see that Jones was popping up in headlines and that people were talking about him in general.

I think the same people decrying his influence are the same ones to turn around and share TikTok videos talking about how the rich really control the world and want to keep the public in debt to create a new form of slavery. Same evidence that Jones would point to, just different theories.

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Great read! Thanks Justin

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